Seeds are arriving

Baker Creek packaging

Happy January friends! As some of you know I get a lot of my seeds from Baker Creek. Well look at this awesome packaging I found holding my latest seed orders. I cut the front of the bubble mailer off. I’m not sure what I will do with it but I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. I know the important part is what’s inside but a little style never hurts. I just had to show you all.

More packaging from Baker Creek

Look at these new flower seeds I ordered. We grew some Candyfloss Cosmos last year but didn’t see blooms until late summer. I’m going to start these under lights this year so we can enjoy them longer. The Cactus Dahlias are just an interesting looking cartoon flower. I hope to save the tubers to overwinter and re-plant next season. We shall see. I used to be a veggie snob thinking I don’t want to grow it if I can’t eat it. I’m slowly correcting my ignorance;) I understand how import pollinators are and the simple beauty of a flower makes me happy. I’ve outgrown my original flower seed box. I hope to show you our flowers later in the season.

I’m finally going to try some sweet peas. Look at the names on this mix of seeds… They have a Downton Abbey romance novel 80’s band kind of vibe don’t you think? I wonder who made these names up and why LOL? Do you know? I heard they smell great so I’m excited to try them.

Have you ever grown Agastache? I plan to make some tea after growing it. I’m certainly not a big tea drinker but it is described as a minty-citrus tea plant. Besides I’m really trying to increase my perennial variety count. I’ll update you later of course.

This is my tentative schedule for 2022 (zone 6B). I have a few varieties of several of these plants so don’t think I’m slacking. I’m starting quite a bit earlier this year with the cool weather varieties. There are 46 plant categories on this list. I would guess we’ll be growing about 75 individual plants this year and I can’t wait! Comment below and tell me what you’re growing this year. I think I’ll start some lettuce under lights tomorrow for salads. If you have any suggestions on changes to my list I’m open to your input. I hope you’re all excited for the upcoming growing season.