Carrots in our mailbox

Beautiful seed packets from Baker Creek

They finally arrived! After obtaining all of our seeds for next season we were still missing most of our carrots. After checking the web site over and over I had the Uzbeks in my sights. As usual they shipped our seeds right away and less than a week later I added these beauties to the seed box. We completely failed at growing carrots this year so we’re gong to give it another shot in 2021. We added a few yards of compost to our clay soil in early spring but it wasn’t enough to keep the soil moist enough to germinate carrots. I don’t think the soil was nearly deep enough or loose enough to grow them well anyway. This year will be different. I suppose that phrase has been used by gardeners and farmers for centuries. Codi and I are excited to taste each one of the varieties in our collection. We plan to grow Uzbek, Kyoto Red, Longue Rouge Sang, and Scarlet Nantes carrots. I’ll be sure to update you on our carrot efforts in early spring. My research leads my to believe that Kyoto Red carrots are best planted in late summer and picked as late as New Years so you won’t see those this spring. Apparently the later you pick them the brighter the red gets. We plan to load our newly built raised beds with lots of compost, peat, and another undecided component. I’m still working out what that will be. Let me know what sort of soil mix brings you success in your garden. What carrots do you love to grow? Just because there are no vegetables to pick doesn’t mean we stop gardening.