Seeds are arriving

Happy January friends! As some of you know I get a lot of my seeds from Baker Creek. Well look at this awesome packaging I found holding my latest seed orders. I cut the front of the bubble mailer off. I’m not sure what I will do with it but I couldn’t bring myself to… Continue reading Seeds are arriving

2021 Year in Review

2021 is over and I suppose I was so busy living life that I forgot to document much about the farm. I can confidently say that 2021 was the most productive growing season we’ve had so far. We were able to grow many new varieties and succeed in areas where we previously failed. We spent… Continue reading 2021 Year in Review

Seed Starting in 2021

The Singing Squash Farm nursery is in full seed starting mode. I actually started the first seeds in early February. The first seeds to germinate were Black King Pansies. As I understand it the genus Viola has 4 subgroups of which the pansy is listed as B1. I thought this background on the name pansy… Continue reading Seed Starting in 2021

Luffa Gourds

It is the end of February and I realized I didn’t even post last month. I’ve been busy sprouting seeds! It’s still cold here in Utah but spring is only 3 weeks away. I’ve started more than luffa gourds but I’ll limit it to one topics in this post. I promise you’ll thank me for… Continue reading Luffa Gourds

Garden Date Night

What do you do when the season is over and we’re not even close to seed starting? Paint some vegetables of course. We painted this a few weeks ago and the plan has already changed slightly. We’ll we changed tomato varieties and we’ve decided not to plant potatoes, and I bought a few more seeds… Continue reading Garden Date Night

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