The clock is running

Texas State Flag

In my last blog post I promised to share some exciting news. Singing Squash Farm is moving! I think a better way to say it would be to say we are telling the world about our dream/goal to relocate. I think saying it out loud and being open about it will help us realize that dream. I would love for all of you to be our accountability partners in any way you feel is appropriate. Where are we moving? We feel called to relocate from northern Utah to northeastern Texas. After much prayer and research we keep coming back to Texas. Our final destination will likely be very close to the Arkansas border. We’ve looked all over the country and Texas seems to check a lot of boxes for us. Why are we moving? We want to buy larger property where we can start a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription service to help support our family and bring people closer to their food source. A longer growing season will help us achieve this. We want to get out of debt completely which is possible with the right property and preparation. We don’t have any car loans or credit cards but we do owe on our home and we owe a chunk to the IRS. The property values and cost of living appear to be much less in northeastern Texas than where we are now. We want to have room to keep more animals. We want our children to experience living on a homestead and learning how to be as self-sufficient as possible. We teach them about this now but there is no replacement for experience. When are we moving? Our target is to be living on the new property by October of 2021. Wish us luck because it isn’t going to be easy.

How are we going to accomplish this? The first part of the puzzle is to get our home ready to sell and then use the equity in our home to buy the new property. Fortunately we never borrowed against our home so we are in a pretty good position with regard to equity. It sounds simple enough but there’s much more to the story. We need to take care of some tax debt and cover some home repairs to ensure we get the most from the sale. Our tax burden is a bit crushing at times but we’re going to get it out of our life soon. We also need things to go well in our business between now and October. Even if we can’t pay off all of our debt in the transition we are trying to reduce our debt as close to $0 as possible by the end of 2021. Since we run a home based manufacturing business and home school our children we really have the freedom to move anywhere without concern for job and school. We’ve had this flexibility for years. Now we’re going to do everything we can to realize the dream of living in a more simple way, closer to the land. We may still be living in a home and using electricity but we plan to grow the majority of our own food by the end of 2022. Without knowing much about the property, soil condition, weather, and pests that is a very optimistic goal! 2020 has shown us how important self-sufficiency is and it has awakened a real love of gardening. We certainly aren’t expecting to pull this off without hard work and even some set-backs. We are a family of seven with two parents, four boys, and one girl. It’s going to be a team effort to pull this off but we have faith that if this is the right move for us the Lord will help us make it happen. Wherever we end up we hope to make new friends and make the squash sing 😉 If you know anything about this region please post it in the comments. I will update everyone as we move closer to realizing the dream.

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