Garden Date Night

2021 Garden Plan Watercolor

What do you do when the season is over and we’re not even close to seed starting? Paint some vegetables of course. We painted this a few weeks ago and the plan has already changed slightly. We’ll we changed tomato varieties and we’ve decided not to plant potatoes, and I bought a few more seeds to fill in some gaps. Of course we’re not planting all of these at the same time. The cold weather stuff will go in early. We’re not painters but Codi and I took turns painting each one of these while we waited for sugar cookies to come out of the oven. It was worth the cost of a cheap watercolor set but watercolor is definitely more challenging than I thought! I wanted to pass this on to my gardening friends. This activity doesn’t require a significant other but it sure is fun. Give it a try. And if your spouse isn’t a gardener perhaps this is a way to change that. Some people like to use an app to plan their garden while others prefer graph paper and pencil. I use a CAD program to lay everything out but I can’t stand to keep the plan digital. I need it to exist on papar for it to be real. I have 3 other plans for the rest of the fence line but we haven’t painted those yet. Wait until you see what we have planned for the rest of the yard! What do you do when you need a garden fix after the freeze? BTW, I plan to post here once per week every Thursday so please subscribe to be notified when I post. Here’s a thought for you to chew on until I post again. Is your garden more like a child or a parent and why?

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